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Master Thesis at the University of Technology in Vienna

With the extensive plasma model, comprising 38 equations, it became necessary to enter the academic society for more accurate data.

The University of Vienna was contacted and responded positive and constructive.  It is agreed to establish a Master Thesis with the Institute of Physics for the year 2013.  Professor Johann Laimer is the direct guide and Professor Herbert Störi is Head of the Institute.

Objective of the Thesis:

The gap between experiments and theory is caused by lack of accurate measurements of the physical properties of the arc and the plasma phase.  What is the diameter of the arc and air-flow going through the arc and its plasma tail, and how is it changing with pressure, ampe

res and the magnetic field? Can the sensible temperature of the arc be controlled, or is the nature of the arc always creating the optimum conditions/resistance for the electron flow, irrespective of pressure and magnetic field?

Are our 38 reaction equations enough to simulate the arc, the plasma and the molecular reactions? Is the academic world harvested and understood, and can it still confirm the potential of a physical electron efficiency of approximately 16-20%. ( ref. Alexander Friedman)


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