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The renewable energy surplus – store it in Nitrogen

Fusion farming is about profitable, scalable end energy efficient N production which thrives on excess renewable energy.  Hence, we follow with interest debate and new ideas within this field. Here’s what we’ve found recently;

Kristin Skogen Lund, CEO of NHO, is in an article in Dagens Næringsliv, January 8th 2013, asking for a

CEO Kristin Skogen Lund, NHO, suggests labelling aluminium produced in Norway:   "Solidified renewable energy"

CEO Kristin Skogen Lund, NHO, suggests labelling aluminium produced in Norway “solidified renewable energy”

national Norwegian energy strategy.  Energy we save in the years to come will give a surplus Norway has no rational use for under current plans and policies, she claims.  Trade and climate policies cannot be viewed independently from the country’s energy policy.  Energy is an asset in Norway’s trade and industry, and should be directed at contributing to solve the climate challenges.  Nobody gains from not using available renewable energy.  One of her suggestions is that exported aluminum produced in Norway with hydroelectric power should be labeled “export of solidified renewable energy”. 85 % of Norway’s export value to Europe is linked to the energy sector and Europe is by far Norway’s largest market. Europe dictates the rules.   

Link to Mrs. Skogens Lund’s article “Ny energistrategi trengs nå” in DN  January 8th 2013.


November 28th 2012 Statkraft launched their Statkraft Virtual Power Plant video.    

Statkraft Virtual Power Plants video

Statkraft Homepage

Solar and wind power generation is subject to great, natural fluctuations.  This is a challenge when integrating renewable energies into the electricity market. In order to match supply with demand in an optimal fashion, we need to identify ways to make wind and solar power generation controllable.  Virtual Power Plants is the ideal solution to achieving this.Wind, biomass, solar and hydroelectric power generation units are internetworked. By internetworking many smaller generation units, virtual power plants will be as effective as conventional power plants only when they can supply energy in line with demand.  


To  it is the last sentence of the video that draws our attention:

At some point industrial consumers and storage solutions will be integrable into the virtual power plant – perfecting its capability for the energies of the future.”  

Excess renewable energy used for producing nitrogen fertilizer – decentralized; in the German countryside or in a village in India where agriculture is important and nitrogen hence is needed.  This is music in our ears!     


If aluminum is “solidified renewable energy”, so is nitrogen fertilizer.   

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