N2 Applied is seeking a first customer – a pilot customer – a reference customer.  Not for installation of the final solution just yet, but for input and on-site testing over the next 18-24 months finalization phase. 

Since N2 Applied’s fusion farming technology has many applications we will have to choose both the application to realize first – as well as the corresponding customer.  We are looking for an enthusiastic and paradigm shift inclined pilot customer – and we expect to find him within one of the following application areas:


Customer category No 1: Organic waste and sewage handling

Customer category No 1: Organic waste and sewage handling


  1.      Organic waste and sewage handling        






Customer category No 2: Biogas plants

Customer category No 2:
Biogas plants



2.      Enhancement of the value of the bio-rest in biogas plants      






Customer category No 3:Solar farm owners

Customer category No 3:
Solar farm owners



     3.      Nitrogen fertilizer production based on surplus renewable energy from solar farm    




Do you know any good candidates?  Please let us know.


As a demanding customer the client partner is expected to participate actively in the development project by contributing to the specifications, being an important reference client and strengthening the market potential for the product and technology. This includes access to new market channels and strategic partners.


N2 Applied’s product and method for application is a total package

The product is an acidic nitrogen solution containing nitrates and nitrite. The solution has the nutrient value from nitrogen and the ability to stop ammonia volatility and nitrogen loss. In addition the product contains oxygen and with its low pH, it can be used to control the pH in the application.

The key function of the product is to stop the loss of ammonia from manure and organic waste, being in manure handling, sewage plants or biogas plants. The second function is to provide nitrates to the existing nutrient value in order to upgrade the nutrient value. The third feature is to control the biological activity by pH and nitrate and nitrite to reduce the nitrification and de-nitrification process. In the nitrification and de-nitrification there is a loss of nitrogen which is biologically converted to N2 and N2O.

The product and the method for application is a total package, which has to be tested and tuned in to achieve the objectives of the technology. The testing will take place at the customer site in the form of varying dosing, concentrations and ratios between the active components in order to see the effects on direct losses and the efficiency of the product. Sampling and analysis as well as other relevant data collection will be required.





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