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Pig and poultry equipment

Link to Steinsland at Hå in Norway

Link to Steinsland at Hå in Norway

The essence being that a new market within agriculture is in the making.  We call it “fusionfarming”.   Fusionfarming is about handling NITROGEN on THE FARM – eliminate emissions to air and water while enhancing the value of the manure.

  • N2 Applied has developed and patented a technology for direct nitrogen fixation from air.
  • Together with SBI GmbH and Ferdinand Stempfer we have built a test unit in Hollabrunn, Austria.
  • Industrial farms in EU and US are our first prospects in the livestock market segment.
  • We are searching for a partner for joint development of a fusionfarming application – based on the test unit   plasma reactor in Hollabrunn

To stop ammonia-emissions AND optimize the manure-soup – that is what N2 Applied is about .  CO2 prices are likely to become the next driver for change in the industry.

We are looking for a partner for whom time and place for building a new business is now. We know that worldwide distribution rights will be a pre-requisite for the right partner.

We would like to discuss with potential partners within the following agricultural applications:

  • Pig and poultry equipment manufacturers
  • Producers of exhaust treatment/ventilation from livestock shelters
  • Farming cooperatives who are considering local production of nitrogen fertilizer (Felleskjøpet?)
  • Fertilizer spreading equipment manufacturers  – for both liquid and solid fertilizer (Kvernland?)
  • An EU or US industrial farm reference site

Please contact us.



Link to Big Dutchman GmbH

Link to Big Dutchman GmbH

Poultry farmer Einar Glesne from Krødsherad introduced us to his supplier and highly regarded business partner  Mr. Nils Steinsland and his daughter Tone Steinsland in Hå, Jæren, Norway.   Nils Steinsland found N2 Applied’s technology and prospects promising and introduced us to Mr. Roger Synnerdahl of Big Dutchman Nordic.

We met Big Dutchman at their headquarter in Calveslage near Vechta outside Bremen in Germany where we started discussions.

Big Dutchman is the first potential development-/market-/distribution partner we have talked to.


Timing is right, and we want to meet more.


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