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Half year highlights 2013

For almost 6 months now we have been able to communicate with you – scientists, industrialization partners, the agricultural community, politicians, friends and family – through our www.fusionfarming.com website.  We have tried to keep you up to date on progress and setbacks in our pursuit through short articles and illustrations.  

Now a summary of the first two quarters of the year.   Short version: The concept holds.  No hard stops.
encountered. Hard work still remains.  

Rune, elgjakt, skog

CEO Rune Ingels summarizes 1st half 2013 for N2 Applied AS. Hard work. Seeking the shortest route.

The longer version:  We started the year by taking a step back and consult theory.  In a way we “re-grouped” and acknowledged the need for further academia involvement – for measurements, precision and theoretical “anchoring” of what already had been accomplished with the plasma reactor. 

Main milestones:

  1. Energy efficiency:   Efforts to improve energy efficiency of the plasma reactor test unit has been successful.  Energy efficiency of 276 GJ/tN is measured – prior to optimization and before Test unit no 3 is designed.  SBI GmbH is on it and succeeding.                
  2. Verifications:  Mr. Roman Koller –  Master student of physics at the University of Technology in Vienna – is  writing his Master thesis on Plasma and arc behaviour and spectroscopy measurements of key temperatures for gliding arc reactor for N2 Applied and SBI GmbH. To be completed in September 2013.
  3. Test- and reference site:  N2 Applied has found a test- and reference site – as well as an excellent partner – for a first application of our N Fix plasma reactor technology.  The partner is the norwegian biogas company Cambi AS, and the reference site will be at Hamar, Norway. The application is biogas, and the prototype is scheduled for installation May 2014 .  
  4. Financing:   Financing is secured for 2013-2015 prototype optimization project.  Innovation Norway Environmental Technology Fund, Skattefunn (Norwegian Research Council) and equity built the package needed.


Q1 2013 got off to a slower start than hoped for.  Q2 has compensated.  We write August 2013 and we are accelerating:  Promising test results, a dedicated team, committed partners and financing to buy the competencies we need;    Second half 2013 – here we come!    Together we will further improve energy efficiency, build a robust prototype, cooperate with Cambi in designing the biogas process application, and gradually prepare for commercialization.       


Rune Ingels

N2 Applied AS         

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