At a crossroad

Hollabrunn med Roman og Eirik

Roman Kettler and Eirik Manger concentrating on the Cambi prototype design on SBI premises in Hollabrunn April 3rd 2014.

Finalization of the plasma reactor prototype to be tested at Cambi’s  biogas pilotline in Hamar, Norway, in Q2 2014 is the main focus of all N2 Applied resources currently.

The final leg in shaping the Cambi prototype has placed more focus on the state of the technology.  In order to familiarize and level the hands-on knowledge from operating the Gliding Arc, Eirik Manger and Rune Ingels paid a visit to SBI in Hollabrunn on the 3. and 4. of April.  The testing of different features and learnings from the Gliding Arc brought us all to a crossroad.  What is next pilot design?  The interpretation of the common – but complex – understanding, indicated a direction towards a simpler set-up where the known key parameters could be more easily singled out. 

Mer med Eirik og Roman

Both optimism and realism colored the dining and discussions. We are at a crossroad – the team concluded that innovation is best served by freedom and urgency.

The dinner concluded that innovation is served by freedom and urgency.





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