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Application partner selection

Already now – with an energy efficiency of 87 GJ/tN – the N2 Applied plasma reactor gives business cases proving indeed profitable for quite a few key market segments.  When Ferdinand, Rune and the rest of the SBI team get it down to 36 GJ/tN – our target – it is hallelujah here at headquarters.   

Among large European farms we are competitive  in 8% of the market already.  For large American farms the corresponding number is 5%.  Much is determined by the electricity price in respective geography – ranging from 50 to 130 USD/MWh within the market segments we are targeting.   

When we operate at energy efficiency of 36 GJ/tN – hopefully only months from now – we will be competitive in 100% of many of our key market segments.

The Application Development process we are preparing for in 2014.

The Application Development process we are preparing for in 2014.


We are in the process of identifying and selecting what we call “application partners” within the most promising market segments for the N fix technology.    Or at least within the market segments where we see that pay-back time of the investment will be shortest.   And hence revenue potential for N2 Applied in the short term probably the highest.  Much needed – given 4 years of development work.

During the fall of 2014 we plan to identify and prepare four application development partners for our platform technology – let us know if you have a candidate who ought to be considered. 

 The application development process – as we envision it.

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