Prototype testing for biogas

The team met in Hollabrunn, Austria, to do the last preparations before shipping the plasma reactor prototype out on it’s first journey.  To Cambi AS biogas pilotplant at HIAS (Hedemarken Interkommunale avlopssamband) premises at Hamar, Norway.  

Rune Ingels and Grete Sønsteby, N2 Applied, and Ferdinand Stempfer, SBI, at work.

Rune Ingels and Grete Sønsteby, N2 Applied, and Ferdinand Stempfer, SBI, at work.

This was July 7th and energy efficiency wise the prototype was not optimized.  However the test plan will concentrate on the performance/efficiency of the absorption towers in absorbing NO/NO2 gas into water.  At Hamar we will run both towers with pure water, with no air circulation and feed NOx to the bottom of one tower and measure and analyze the concentration development from zero to approximately 2%.  We hope to get some reject water from the biogas unit for field trials with or without nitrates.  

Activity plan for prototype testing in Norway week 33 of 2014:

  1. Commission the plasma generator for test run to air.
    1. Make all connections and fill the quench and cooling unit with water.
    2. Start plasma to free air for few second.
    3. Connect plasma torch to cooler and check analyzer and efficiency.
  2. Commission both abs units
    1. Fill both Abs units with pure water and estimate the volume of water
    2. Check instrumentation, trip system alarms and overflow and new plastic vent line to outside.
    3. Start circulation pumps and check cavitation and sight glasses for normal behavior.
    4. Check pH and conductivity meters, crosscheck with pH paper and own analyzer.
  3. Start NOx absorption
    1. Connect the NOx line to absorber and start timing.
    2. Check that vent flow is unrestricted to outdoor place.
    3. Operate until concentration of 2% HNO3 in first absorber is assumed.
  4. Sampling
    1. At approximately 5-10 minutes intervals take a sample from each absorption tower for concentration control.
    2. At end of test, take two samples for accurate third party analysis.
  5. Neutralization
    1. Neutralize the solution in both absorption towers with known volume of NaOH
  6. Drain the dilute NaNO3 solution to:
    1. Sewage
    2. To tanks for later use
SBI GmbH premises in Hollabrunn, Austria

SBI GmbH premises in Hollabrunn, Austria

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