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Vacant position in the green paradigm shift

N2 Applied AS was established in June 2010. The company serves as a nucleus for the development of new technologies within the area of nitrogen. We work with an international network and assess new technologies within areas of competence where the founders have particular insight and a competitive advantage. Based on these evaluated concepts, N2 Applied develops new businesses.



Scientist wanted

We are seeking a young, determined, and smart extension of our development team. For the sake of future global food production.

We are seeking a young, determined and smart extension of our development team. For the sake of future global food production.

In N2 Applied we develop technology for fixing nitrogen from air – at a time and in a situation where the nitrogen market is mature and commoditized and where sustainable technologies gain market share. We apply Norwegian and international know-how and industrial experience in order to develop an energy efficient process for producing NO gas. We put modern process technology to the test on the well-known electric arc principle of Professor Kristian Birkeland.  Distributed plasma based fertilizer production enables increased food production while reducing pollution.

For this main activity we are searching for an employee, able to or interested in working the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and agronomy. The position is suitable for an MSc degree within any of the mentioned fields of science and can be developed to suit a PhD degree.

Strand gaard north of Kongsberg in Norway will be the home for the new position. At this site N2 has it’s pilot and research unit as well as laboratory.

N2 Applied has a partnership with SBI GmbH, an Austrian plasma welding company. N2 has also established close cooperation with leading universities in the field of Plasma and Agronomy in Europe and in the US.


Scope of work and responsibility for the position.

In cooperation with and supported by the CTO, plan and execute the research program foreseen for the next 2-3 years including:

  1. Supervision and operation of the pilot/research unit at Strand.
  2. Providing process and detailed design of modifications and for manufacturing of prototypes.
  3. Simulation of plasma process and nitric acid process using spreadsheet and CFD.
  4. Producing operational procedures, design data book and engineering principles.
  5. In cooperation with NMBU & Århus University, SBI and other partners, coordinate and plan field trials of prototypes.
  6. Produce papers and make presentations at seminars and for customers.

We are looking for a young practical person with a broad scientific mindset and a PhD ambition.

Contacts and/or short application to:

CEO Grete Sønsteby, grete.sonsteby@n2applied.no +47 4150 07414

CTO Rune Ingels, rune.ingels@n2applied.no   +47 4814 2354


Head office:   N2 Applied AS, Beddingen 2, 0250 Oslo, Norway

Test center:   N2 Applied AS, Testsenter, Vestsida 71, 3622 Svene, Norway







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