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Nitrogen indicators at last!

Finally – somebody is trying to find indicators to measure agricultural environmental performance on a global scale.  The 2016 EPI nitrogen indicators. A huge step forward in enabling informed discussions and informed actions in the complex crossroad of agriculture and environment.

Nitrogen Indicators

NUE and NBALANCE are key indicators in adressing agriculture and sustainability.

NITROGEN USE EFFICIENCY (NUE) and NITROGEN BALANCE – these formulas are key to understanding issues relating to agriculture and pollution.  We in the agricultural sector need to accept change.  Technology exist.   Farmers and policymakers just have to agree that time has come to act.

Among the Sustainable Development Goal Targets “Zero Hunger” is goal no. 2:

Mapping Sustainable Development Goal Targets and EPI indicators. Notice the significance of nitrogen indicators for achieving Goal no. 2 Zero Hunger.

SDG-2:  By 2030 ensure sustainable food production systems and implement agricultural practices that increase productivity and production, that help maintain ecosystems, that strengthen capacity for adaption to climate change, extreme weather, drought, flooding and other disasters, and that progressively improve land and soil quality

The EPI Metric indicators to measure progress in reaching this goal – what are they? Right – they are Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Nitrogen Balance  

NUE will improve 23-40% using N2 Applied plasma reactor technology on livestock farms in Europe.

Link to previous article on Global Metrix for the Environment written by N2 Applied.

Link to EPI 2016 Report https://issuu.com/2016yaleepi/docs/epi2016_final. Look at page 122 regarding nitrogen indicators related to Sustainable Development Targets.


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