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N2 featured in the farmer’s newspaper

Bondebladet is the norwegian farmer’s own weekly newspaper.  In the November 24th 2016 issue an interview with N2 Applied CTO Rune Ingels and CEO Grete Sønsteby is featured.  The theme is Climate technology in agriculture.  Journalist Anders Sandbu in Bondebladet has done an excellent job in explaining and simplifying how the technology works. Link to the article page I and link to the article page 2.

Bondebladet - the weekly farmer's newspaper in Norway

Bondebladet – the weekly farmer’s newspaper in Norway



Headlines in the article:

N2 Applied develops technology enabling reduced laughing gas emissions from Norwegian farms considerably.  Now the company wants to spark a climate revolution originating from 100 years old technology.

For every ton nitrogen you can produce with this technology – 11 tons of CO2 is saved

The technology is well suited for Norwegian agriculture. (Quote from Ola Hedstein, CEO Norsk Landbrukssamvirke)

Norsk Landbrukssamvirke believes N2 Applied’s technology is well suited for the farm structure in Norwegian agriculture.  They see considerable potential if the technology is commercialized.


Projektmanager Svein Guldal in Bondelaget (The Farmer’s Federation) is interviewed as well.  He makes a valid point about the authorities and their important role in supporting the introduction of new technologies through climate legislation, taxation and others.

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