N2 is growing

Soon after initiating recruiting in April 2017 we were impressed by the quality of the applicants as well as their spread in experience and knowledge. Exposed to what we deemed a unique opportunity to build a strong team as well as accelerating business development, we decided to hire more professionals than originally intended.

By November 1st 2017 we will be 10 employees in the N2 Group – an international core team with a Dutch, a Russian and a German native in close cooperation with the Norwegians.

In front from the left: Grete Sønsteby, Tom-Arne Solhaug, Natalia Leikis, Iris Skjolde Helmeriksen
Back from the left: Rune Ingels, Magnus Rysstad Nyvold, Ernst Petter Axelsen, Morten Breinholt Jensen, Anders Billington, Henk Aarts and Holger Dilling



Holger Dilling – our Chief Corporate Development Officer. He has a broad experience in corporate development and has for the last 10 years, worked with strategy and business development, corporate restructuring, M&A, risk management and mitigation, and investor relations at Norwegian shipyard group VARD (formerly Aker Yards and STX Europe)

Henk Aarts – our Director of Business Development within the European livestock market (N2 Agri) – is Dutch and living and working out of Wageningen in the Netherlands.  We have established a subsidiary in the Netherlands to accommodate for this – N2 Agri BV.

On the technical side we have Morten Breinholt Jensen – our R&D Director.  He has Magnus Ryssdal Nyvold, Anders Billington and Rune Ingels on his team – both plasma related and agrarian research and development are on the agenda.

Tom-Arne Solhaug, Natalia Leikis and Ernst Petter Axelsen heads up business development on the African continent, in Russia and previous Soviet states and within the sewage/municipal segment respectively.

Iris Skjolde Helmeriksen – our administrative assistant – keeps the team efficient and in line!

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