N2 Applied seeks to create within Norway, a talent gravity. An attractive place for those who wish to be part of a company with a strong environmental mission: The circular economy with lower carbon emissions and reduced impact on nature/biodiversity.What we are looking for

We are now expanding our R&D department and looking for engineers or researchers who wants to join us on our environmental mission. The team you will be a part of is key in developing novel plasma technology aimed at the production of reactive nitrogen for multiple applications. Your work will directly influence a process that dramatically improves the resource efficiency, sustainability and security of global food production.

We are looking for dedicated and innovative engineers with some relevant experience or recently graduated from an MSc or PhD degree. You have knowledge of, or experience with, one or more of the disciplines below:

  • Electromagnetism and thermodynamics
  • Reaction mechanics and kinetics
  • Electric and magnetic fields and their transfer of energy to air and plasma
  • High-temperature reactor design and high temperature catalyst features
  • Plasma physics/chemistry and plasma technology

We want unorthodox ideas developed through a process of tinkering or trying it out. Curiosity and experimentation sits at the heart of what we do. You will work with colleagues at our test centre and while we do publish in various fields, our focus is on getting our ideas realised and industrialised. We also seek out and collaborate with an international network, both academic and commercial in plasma technology.

Main tasks

  • Develop real-world solutions around energizing and containing unique air plasmas
  • Applying advanced simulations as well as statistical tools for diagnostics and problem-solving
  • Investigate and understand new plasma generator concepts that have the potential to be fabricated on an industrial scale, that can improve operational efficiency yet be robust enough to operate on farms around the globe
  • Transfer knowledge from industry and universities to N2 Applied and ensure practical application of these in the furtherance of our mission

What we offer

  • An opportunity to contribute to a process that will fundamentally improve today’s food production
  • To work with a highly skilled and adaptable team in a collaborative environment
  • A team of 40+ dedicated colleagues
  • A company backed by a range of far-sighted investors that celebrates innovation and trying things out
  • Various social events
  • Flexible working hours

Your workplace will be at our head office in Asker working in close cooperation with the company’s test centre in Svene in the vicinity of Kongsberg, Norway.

We put our people first and our working environment is characterised by commitment and collaboration. We value diversity, and will consider all qualified candidates.

Relevant candidates will be contacted continuously. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this opportunity.

To apply to this position please send us your application trough finn.no