In August 2017 N2’s first field test unit was installed at Klitgaard pig farm at Jylland, Denmark.
Michael Bundgaard (son of the Klitgaard owner) to the left and Roman Koller (employee of our production partner SBI GmbH) to the right giving thumbs up after successfully starting the N2 plasma reactor on the farm for the first time.

The first version of our Gen2 Test Reactor was installed at Klitgaard in Denmark in August 2017. Testing has started. The Gen2 Test Reactor includes improvements when compared to Gen1 Test Reactor at Svene. Since installation a trial run have been made. As always there are surprises which need to be dealt with before serious processing of manure from the pigs at Klitgaard commences.

The field test reactor installed at Klitgaard

Improvements found will be implemented on the N2 Reactor to be installed at Jæren later this fall.

Agrar tests are underway in cooperation with NIBIO with bio residue treated in the test reactor at Strand. Initial results are encouraging and indicate that the N2 fertilizer will be of the expected quality or maybe even better.

Last week we kicked of the energy efficiency improvement program. Visiting Strand and Norway for a two day works shop we had dr. David Graves from Berkeley University, Stefan Andersson with his team from Sintef and Roman Koller from SBI GmbH in Austria. We had our whole technical team participating as well – in addition to visiting professor Lars Bakken at NMBU. The road map from 40 MWh/tN to 20 MWh/tN is laid out. More in depth technical studies and experiments are lined up.