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The N2 Applied team is made up of of dedicated and enthusiastic people that seeks to fundamentally improve global food production. The team currently counts around 45 professionals, an international team with various expertise from agriculture, science, technical engineering, IoT, business development and sustainability. The organisastion is a blend of experience and eagerness, PhDs and practical skills and a fruitful mix in age and background. We have a high employee satisfaction, variated days and an attidue to turn problems into opportunities. The company has its head office in Oslo/Asker and it’s test centre outside of Kongsberg in Svene (Norway), and branches in Wageningen(Netherlands) and York (UK).

Our staff has overcome challenges in the past, and are ready for new ones. The N2 Applied organisation is in continuous development, as we seek new talents, develop our team and creates new solutions for our customers. On this site you can find available positions and vacancies.

Service technician

December 22nd, 2022|0 Comments

Vi styrker vårt team med en kollega som kan være med å videreutvikle N2 Applieds tekniske løsninger og installasjoner.N2s Testsenter: N2s testsenter er hjertet av bedriften, og er lokalisert i Svene utenfor Kongsberg. Her [...]

Research Engineer

December 21st, 2022|0 Comments

We are looking for a Research Engineer to join our team of researchers and engineers. The role is a key part of developing a novel plasma technology aimed at the production of reactive nitrogen [...]

Product Engineer

December 20th, 2022|0 Comments

We are looking for an inquisitive and motivated colleague for the N2 technology team to develop, design and engineer machines for distributed production of fertilizer.  What we offer: Great opportunities to get your hands [...]

Engineer Thermal- and Fluid-Dynamics

November 11th, 2022|0 Comments

We are looking to strengthen our team of scientists, researchers and engineers engaged in developing our plasma technology. Your work will directly influence a process that dramatically improves the resource efficiency, sustainability and security [...]