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  • Published: 2023

    Month: November

    In this report, we explain the individual environmental effects, present the evidence for emission reduction and give insight into the methodology used to estimate the effects.

  • Published: 2020

    Month: November 1

    This factsheet explores the optimal methods for managing NEO on-farm and building a nutrient management plan to improve crop yields and soil quality.

  • Published: 2020

    Month: August 29

    Want to know how the N2 technology can alleviate the ammonia emissions challenge? Download our factsheet to learn more about the importance of reducing ammonia emissions and how our technology provides a solution to this challenge

  • Published: 2020

    Month: Juni 1

    Want to know how treating slurry can have a positive effect on the climate footprint? Download a summary of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) detailing how treating slurry with the N2 technology can reduce the carbon footprint on farms

  • Published: 2020

    Month: March 29

    The NEO Performance Report provides a summary of the field trials N2 Applied conducted in 2020, focusing on yield increase and emissions reduction