N2 Applied is pleased to announce that it has entered into a cooperation agreement with Scottish agriculture equipment and service provider McCaskie Ltd.

Founded in 1957, McCaskie is a family run business offering a complete range of products and services to the farming and rural communities. McCaskie operates from five locations across Scotland and northern England, majoring in agriculture, but also supplying services in energy, electrical and industrial sectors.

As specialists in sales, installation and service of farm equipment, McCaskie can play an important role in further market development of N2 Applied’s technology to process manure or biogas digestate and turn it into high value and environment-friendly nitrogen fertilizer. And N2 Applied’s technology opens new opportunities for McCaskie to play a predominant role in sustainable livestock farming.

Neil Rettie and Henk Aarts symbolize the agreement with a handshake

More information

Visit McCaskie’s website for more information: www.mccaskie.co.uk

Contact Neil McCaskie or Henk Aarts

Director McCaskie


+44 7714 522946

Business Development Director Europe N2 Applied


+31 6 4100 1177