N2 Applied was selected as one of twenty solutions for improved air quality by UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN). N2 presented the solution at the Solutions Initiative Forum(SIF) focusing on air pollution, in Gothenburg August 28.

Air pollution is a serious global challenge, both for human health and for sustainable development. At present 90% of the global population are exposed to levels of air pollutants that exceeds WHO safe levels. Ammonia emissions from agriculture is a major cause of air pollution globally. Furthermore, ammonia contributes to the formation of particulate matter (PM2.5) which is the most harmful form of air pollution. The consequences are severe health issues, including cancer and respiratory diseases. Annually, air pollution is the cause of 7 million premature deaths globally. Thus, it is clear that reduced air pollution and improved air quality requires urgent response.

SIF Air is an initiative to highlight the serious issues arising from air pollution globally, but most importantly it is an initiative for promoting solutions. The action-oriented conference brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, businesses, civil society, policy makers and academia, to promote solutions to air pollution. N2 was among two other solutions within agriculture, a majority of the other solutions were focused on urban mobility and clean burning sources.

N2’s solution vastly reduces ammonia emissions from storing and spreading of manure in agriculture. The N2 technology enables the farmer to produce cost-effective and efficient nitrogen fertilizer directly on the farm. The unit increases nitrogen use efficiency and reduces both green house gases and ammonia emissions, thus reducing one of the main contributors to air pollution. Consequently, N2 makes livestock production more sustainable and contributes to solving both environmental and health issues.