September 21. 2020. N2 Applied marked a new generation of N2 units ready for installation and the completion of a new production hall at the N2 Test Centre in Norway. “This has the potential to become a new Norwegian success story”, said Raymond Robertsen, State Secretary to the Minister of Regional Development and Digitalisation, who conducted the official opening. Along with a hundred guests he got a tour of the site, a demonstration of the N2 units and our fertiliser, and a small seminar with esteemed speakers.

“We have a new unit ready for the market and with our new facilities we have increased our capacity to build, test and develop units” said Carl Hansson, CEO of N2 Applied, at the opening. “The timing for us is excellent, as the focus on sustainable agriculture has increased in the Farm to Fork strategy in Europe and both farmers and policymakers are looking for climate solutions in Norway”.

Among the speakers Erik Solheim, former UNEP Director and Norwegian Minister, shared his thoughts on how Norway can develop after the oil era. “We do not have to choose between development and environment. It is solutions like N2 Applied that we need, and it is a win-win situation” he explained in an engaged speech. He was followed by Egil Hoen, farmer and board member of Norges Bondelag (the Norwegian Farmers Union), who admitted he has had a crush on the N2 Applied solution for some time and spoke of the ambitious Climate Plan for Norwegian Agriculture. Ola Hedstein, CEO of Norwegian Agricultural Cooperatives, showed that Norway can be an ideal location to develop and test new agricultural technologies said: “We need to move from fossils to renewables, and there are several disruptive agricultural technologies developed in Norway. I’ve been following N2 Applied for several years and it is a desired solution to improve Norwegian Agriculture”.

The guests where shown around in the facilities where machines are being assembled, tested and made ready for shipment. The guests could also witness spreading of our fertiliser with an ordinary slurry broadcast spreader on the fields of the farm, demonstrating that the smell was more or less gone.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation a restricted number of guests were invited and measures to ensure a safe event were taken.

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