“It’s a miracle,” said the BBC’s Energy and Environment Analyst, Roger Harrabin reporting on N2 Applied’s plasma conversion technology.  

Last week, the British broadcaster featured three stories based on trial results from our ongoing pilot project at Holly Green Farm, an Arla Foods’ Innovation Farm in Buckinghamshire, UK. These stories focus on reducing ammonia and methane emissions following the application of Nitrogen Enriched Organic fertiliser, or “NEO” to fields, and ongoing trials to quantify the applicability of N2’s Unit in eliminating emissions from storage and field application of livestock slurry 

NEO is produced on-site at Holly Green Farm using an N2 Unit to process manure from the farm’s 500 cow dairy herd. Trials were led and verified by ADAS – the UK’s largest independent provider of agricultural and environmental consultancy services, policy advice and research and development.

The trials allowed N2 Applied to connect results to the ongoing challenges the agricultural industry is facing around emissions, but also to provide context to a global opportunity for society at large.  

This BBC News piece detailed how N2’s plasma technology or ‘artificial lightning’ generated NEO from the slurry of Holly Green Farm’s cows. Technology reduced slurry’s typical methane emissions by 99% and ammonia emissions by 90%. Journalist Roger Harrabin was invited to do a ‘sniff test’, comparing the smell of untreated and plasma-treated slurry (NEO). He found that the treated slurry “took on a clean and faintly uplifting smell of the seaside”, while the untreated “knocked back my nose in typically pungent fashion”— results which reinforce the broader impact of N2 Applied’s plasma technology.  

BBC Press

Further discussion and results from the UK trial were explained by N2 Applied’s Chief Agronomist, Dr Nick Humphries during a segment on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, the UK’s most prominent daily news and business show.

BBC 4 Today

N2 Applied’s Director of Business Development (UK) Chris Puttick was also interviewed for BBC World Service radio news, appearing after 19 minutes of this show.  

BBC Newsday

— As we continue to undertake pilot projects and trials on farms across several countries, the commercial and environmental potential of  N2’s Units are attracting more and more attention. We want to thank the Arla Foods UK team, ADAS and all at Holly Green Farm for your help with explaining the trial and its results to the BBC.