Jogarden Farm

Place: Sykkylven, Norway

Year: 2021

Type: Dairy

Jogarden farm is a dairy and beef farm, located within the remote valley of Sykkylven, on the West Coast of Norway. The farm has a strong focus on sustainable production, placing a priority on local resources. In the late summer of 2021, an N2 Unit was installed and has been in operation since, treating slurry from 200 cows (approximately 2000 tonnes per year). 

In the past, slurry has been collected and spread on the fields (untreated), yet with growing awareness of slurry’s significant emissions (particularly methane and ammonia), the farmers at Jogarden have been interested in identifying a practical solution to reduce their slurry’s environmental footprint while maximising its nitrogen content. 

Further, with the farm’s remote location, priority is also placed on the use of local resources, with minimal external input. Integrating technology into farm operations to utilise local resources is nothing new for these farmers. With Jogarden having even set up a hydropower plant on the farm, generating renewable energy from natural water flows.  

Treatment of the manure has been flexible to accommodate peaks of energy production, allowing the farmers to maximise NEO production sustainably. In addition, the N2 Unit has enabled the farms to utilise local resources, allowing greater independence and control of their operations.