Buskerud Hovedgård

Place: Åmot, Norway

Year: 2021

Type: Dairy

Buskerud Gård (farm) is owned and operated by Buskerud videregående skole (high school) located in the Viken municipality of Norway. The farm is a working, commercial farm that runs alongside the school, allowing students to learn about agricultural tasks through both practical and theoretical elements. 

Buskerud Gård has been interested in considering how slurry is managed on the farm, seeking a solution that would maximise the nutrient value of slurry while reducing its typically high methane and ammonia emissions. In addition, the local Buskerud Grønt Fagsenter (a collaboration arena focusing on developing and strengthening the professional environment in agriculture) has prioritised the topic of soil, with a desire to identify measures that can improve its health.

A new barn was built at Buskerud videregående skole in 2021, whereby an N2 Unit was installed on-site at the farm, allowing slurry from the farm’s 100 cows to be treated with N2’s plasma technology. The integration of the technology alongside the farm’s existing infrastructure ensures the farm can effectively utilise the value of slurry in a sustainable manner. In addition, this offers the students insight into practical solutions for farming sustainably, a necessary aspect to ensure longevity and enthusiasm in the industry.  

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 101008819.