Asker (Norway), November 15, 2022 – N2 Applied is excited to announce a strategic partnership with GEA, a global leader in solutions to farms and the dairy industry. The partnership aims to accelerate and scale the adoption of the breakthrough solution for sustainable livestock farming into the global market. It is an important step in enabling dairy farmers as well as the dairy industry to reach their sustainability ambitions.

The pressure on dairy farms at a global level has never been higher. We need to produce more food for the world’s growing population while reducing emissions. Current agricultural practices can be detrimental to the environment: harmful emissions, nitrogen losses, and a heavy reliance on chemical fertilisers based on fossil fuels. N2 Applied has developed a groundbreaking technology that dramatically reduces emissions and enables circular agriculture.

The details of the partnership were presented at the EuroTier 2022 international livestock farming trade fair in Hannover, Germany. GEA and N2 Applied agreed on an exclusive partnership for the manufacturing and worldwide distribution of the manure processing solution for the livestock farming markets. The manure processing unit will be made available globally through Gea’s sales organization.

The innovative manure processing technology enables livestock farmers, in one integrated solution, not only to produce nitrogen fertiliser locally on their farm, but also to significantly reduce ammonia and methane emissions. This provides an effective solution to deal with the current nitrogen and climate challenges, only using electricity and air as input. The solution is housed in a 20ft container for ease of transportation and integration into existing on-farm infrastructure. It adds nitrogen from the air into the slurry and turns it in an efficient fertiliser, increasing average crop yields by 40 per cent and reducing a farm’s overall greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30 per cent.

“Joining forces with GEA Farm Technologies puts our technology onto a global stage and can enable us to drive its adoption by livestock farmers much faster,” says Carl Hansson, CEO of N2 Applied. “At a time when farming is under pressure from environmental challenges and cost of chemical fertilisers have seen large price increases combined with a scarcity of supply, the partnership will offer a clear and compelling path to more assured and sustainable food production.”

“Our strategic partnership with N2 Applied enables a critical expansion of our GEA Farm Technologies portfolio,” says Peter Lauwers, CEO GEA Farm Technologies. “This innovative manure management technology fits perfectly with our solutions for modern dairy farms. In line with our sustainability goals, we can now offer our customers even more targeted state-of-the-art solutions to achieve climate targets on an industrial scale.”

About N2 Applied

N2 Applied is an international agricultural technology business based near Oslo, Norway, with a mission to fundamentally improve global food production by reducing emissions and increasing yields. The company has developed a technology that enables local production of fertiliser using livestock slurry/digestate, air and electricity. The end-product is a nitrogen enriched organic fertiliser (NEO), with the same characteristics as regular slurry, but contains more nitrogen, less emissions and can be applied more precisely on the fields. For more information see

About GEA

GEA is one of the world’s largest system suppliers for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The international technology­ group, founded in 1881, focuses on machinery and plants, as well as advanced process technology, components, and comprehensive services. With more than 18,000 employees working across five divisions and 62 countries, the group generated revenues of more than EUR 4.7 billion in fiscal year 2021. GEA plants, processes, components and services enhance the efficiency and sustainability of production processes across the globe. They contribute significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions, plastic usage and food waste. In doing so, GEA makes a key contribution toward a sustainable future, in line with the company’s purpose: “Engineering for a better world”. For more information see