The World needs to produce more food and reduce emissions. Current agricultural practices can be hugely damaging to the environment, with harmful emissions, loss of nitrogen and heavy reliance on chemical fertilisers, based on fossil fuels. Until now very few new green technologies targeting farmers have been available.

N2 Applied provides a solution which answers the needs farmers, the food industry and consumers are looking for. A solution that reduces emissions and improves food production at the same time.

  • We stop emissions from manure management.
  • We close the nitrogen cycle in farming.
  • We prevent the use of ever-more land for food production by creating a more efficient, sustainable fertiliser.


The N2 Unit is placed locally on a farm and upgrades slurry from livestock to an efficient and sustainable fertiliser. Using electricity and air, the nutrient content of the slurry is increased and emissions are eliminated. The end product is an efficient and sustainable fertiliser called NEO (Nitrogen Enriched Organic fertiliser).


  • Eliminates methane emissions from manure storage
  • Reduces ammonia loss and smell from manure management
  • Reduces the need for chemical fertiliser
  • Year-on-year reduction in carbon footprint by 30% at source, on farm
  • Reducing air pollution from farms by 50%
  • Improves crop yield by an average of 40% compared to regular manure