«The World needs to feed more people without using more land while reducing emissions»

– World Resource Institute


Today, agriculture accounts for about 11% of all global greenhouse gas emissions and is a major source of ammonia emissions and air pollution globally.

Consumers want more sustainable products and are placing more demands on food producers. Agri-food industry are responding with new products, ambitious commitments and ‘purpose-driven’ marketing. Farmers want solutions that improve their production and environmental footprint; combining environmental sustainability with financial sustainability.

We need solutions which can reduce emissions without reducing production. The market is ready for environmental innovation in the agricultural sector.


N2 Applied has developed a technology that enables local production of fertiliser using only livestock slurry, air and electricity. The technology adds nitrogen from the air into slurry, which increases the nitrogen content. The reaction prevents the loss of ammonia and eliminates methane emissions, making it a real solution helping to achieve climate target commitments on an industrial scale.

The end-product is a nitrogen enriched organic fertiliser (NEO), which has the same characteristics as normal slurry, but contains more nitrogen and significantly less emissions. It can still be spread using existing farm equipment, enabling farmers to improve their own food production, reduce the need for chemical fertiliser, and make farming more circular.