The timing is now. Macro trends favours more sustainable food systems, reduced cost of renewable energy and more circularity. ​​Farmers are looking for solutions

All along the value chain, – from farmers and consumer to policy makers and multinational corporations, the awareness increases and the need to improve the sustainability is clear.

More and more countries and companies introduce incentives and regulations to improve good production and make sustainability more profitable for food producers. Cost of renewable energy production is steadily decreasing, favouring decentralised power generation and self-consumption. Circularity is becoming along a linear value chain focusing on solution which preserve nutrients in the local value chain and stop losses.

​N2 Applied is in an advanced stage of technology development, and in the early phases of commercialisation. We’ve demonstrated and verified the effects on yield and emission under local farm conditions in several different markets with independent agencies. Now is the time to start a new fertiliser revolution. ​