N2 Applied has developed a small-sized unit which  enable farmers to produce their own fertiliser on the farm – using air, electricity and livestock slurry. The technology increases yield and cuts emissions, providing an attractive value proposition for farmers.

The N2 process enhances the livestock slurry with nitrogen and stops the loss of ammonia, leading to higher yields without the need for chemical fertiliser. The Nitrogen Use Efficiency is increased, losses reduced and sustainability improved.

The unit is placed locally on the farm or biogas plant, enriching the slurry continuously, and is easily integrated in the existing local infrastructure. The capacity can fit farms of different sizes as the technology is modular and scalable. It can be adapted to variable production of renewable energy and take advantage of local available production like solar, wind and biogas.

This re-distributes fertiliser production from large scale factories to the end-user, the farmer – cutting long and expensive value chains. The process stops emissions of greenhouses gases, ammonia and cuts the need for chemical nitrogen fertiliser, – and as a bonus the smell is almost gone. N2 offers a sustainability concept which is profitable for the end user – the farmer.

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