Galåvolden Gård

Place: Røros, Norway

Year: 2021

Type: Dairy

Galåvolden Gård (farm) is a leading food producer within Røros – a culinary food region of Norway, renowned for proudly producing local food. Yet, it is also a region that has acknowledged the importance of identifying practical solutions to ensure the agricultural industry’s future. The farmers of Galåvolden Gård have long been recognised for prioritising innovation and adopting sustainable operations and have been interested in reducing the farm’s environmental footprint.  

With local energy company Ren Røros also interested in leveraging local renewable energy to electrify the agricultural industry, this triggered a collaboration and the development of our ReNeo project. In the summer of 2021, an N2 Unit was installed at the farm, treating slurry from the farm’s 130 dairy cows. The installation at Galåvolden Gård utilises locally produced energy generated from solar panels. 

With the treatment of slurry generating a complete fertiliser (NEO), nitrogen requirements of the fields at Galåvolden Gård have been satisfied, eliminating the need to apply chemical fertilisers. In addition, emissions and odours from the slurry have been significantly reduced, helping the farmers on their journey to increase the sustainability of operations. Combining technology that seeks to leverage the value of existing resources has been highly rewarding for the farmers and integrates well into their existing farm system.