N2 Applied is a technology company in pre-commercial face that aims to fundamentally improve global food production by increasing yield and reducing emissions. The company has developed a patented technology that enables farmers to cut emissions and produce fertiliser, using only liquid organic waste, such as livestock slurry or digestate, air and electricity. N2 Units are now operational at commercial sites in the UK, NL and NO with Blue-chip Agri-Food brands and the wider agricultural sector.

A growing world population, climate change and resource scarcity illustrates that the world needs to produce more and better food with less emissions. Addressing these challenges has become a major public focus point, and crucial for the value chain. But there is a lack of solutions that can reduce the environmental impact, improve food production and provide a sustainable business case. N2 Applied address key ESG challenges in food production by improving the environmental footprint and maintain the food production at the same time. The solution give opportunities for emission reductions from food production and a shift from centralised and industrial to on-farm and sustainable fertiliser production.

The company is backed by reputable investors, and has also received acknowledgement and soft funding from the EU Horizon programme related to the European Green Deal. There is a need for game-changing technologies, and N2 Applied provides a solid business case for its investors with several opportunities for improvements and possibilities for expansion to other markets.

If you would like to know more about N2 Applied as an investor or partner, please contact our CFO, Torbjørn Blom-Hagen.