Nitrogen is vital to secure the world’s food supply, but current fertiliser practices are not sustainable with massive emissions, harmful pollution, and loss of biodiversity. The world needs to change to more sustainable methods that avoid unnecessary waste, recycle valuable components, and minimise harmful emissions.

N2 Applied provides a holistic solution that addresses all of the above making a significant contribution to sustainable agriculture. We decentralise production, decarbonise the value chain, recycle nutrients, and improve soil quality.

The value we bring to the market will outcompete traditional fossil based ways opening up a significant part of the hundred billion dollar nitrogen fertilizer market. Policy changes that address the environmental benefits will accelerate the adoption.

N2 Applied have partnered with GEA Farm Technologies, a leading provider of agricultural equipment, for the fabrication, distribution and sales to beef and dairy farmers worldwide. The technology is now operational at commercial sites in the UK, NL and NO with Blue-chip Agri-Food brands and the wider agricultural sector.

The company is backed by reputable investors, and has also received acknowledgement and funding from the EU, emphasising the large potential in N2’s technology to assist farmers in achieving the critical goals set in the European Green Deal.

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